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The Status of Palestinian Archaeology & Museums: Revival despite the ongoing Israeli occupation

Mittwoch, 22.11.2017, 18:15 Uhr

The last two decades have witnessed the revival of Palestinian archaeology despite the fact that the Palestinian Territories are still under Israeli occupation. The Department of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage was formed to manage, maintain and protect archaeological sites and tangible cultural heritage. It carried out numerous joint excavations in collaboration with international expeditions. Palestinian universities have also conducted major excavations at sites in the West bank, a number of site and theme museums were established in various parts of Palestine, among these the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit which inaugurated in 2016. A great damage has been inflicted on archaeological and cultural heritage sites as a result of Israeli military attacks especially since 2000, including the ancient port of Gaza (Anthedon), and the Ottoman governor’s palace in Gaza, and other historical buildings in Nablus and Hebron. Another major damage to archaeological sites and to the natural and traditional landscape was caused by the construction of the separation wall by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories. Further damage to archaeological sites was caused by the phenomenon of looting of antiquities which has been exasperated by the economic crisis and high unemployment in the Occupied Territories. In the absence of a final peace agreement, Israel remains a military occupant in the occupied Palestinian territories, and therefore it remains accountable to protecting archaeological sites and cultural heritage by international law, especially The Hague Convention and Protocol of 1954.

Veranstaltende: IAW, Universität Bern
Redner, Rednerin: Dr. Mahmoud Hawari (Palestinian Museum Birzeit)
Datum: 22.11.2017
Uhrzeit: 18:15 Uhr
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