SISA 2018

The first Swiss Alpine Archaeology Summer School is about Alpine landscapes, geology, mineralogy and ores, copper production, prospection, settlements as well as social and economic systems. It comprises invited keynotes for specific topics and teachings on methods, applications and models. Lectures and practical fieldwork take place in Switzerland’s most promising mining region. The universities of Zurich and Berne together with the Archaeological Heritage Service of the Canton Grisons are the organizing units.
Flyer, SISA 2018 

Terms and conditions

Sunday 22 July to Saturday 28 July 2018
Simple accommondation, board and lodge in Sur, Alp Flix, Canton of Grisons, CH. 

Working in Alpine environment 

2.000 masl (climate!), no electricity. PhD and advanced MA with special interests in mountain and/or mining archaeology.
Participation fee CHF 300.–

Contact and application

till March 31, 2018,
Rouven Turck:

Organizing units

Universität Zürich, Institut für Archäologie, Prähistorische Archäologie
Universität Bern, Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften, Prähistorische Archäologie
Archäologischer Dienst Graubünden.

Invited speakers

Prof. Philippe Della Casa (Zurich), Archaeologist
Survey & methods; chaîne opératoire

Prof. Albert Hafner (Bern), Archaeologist
Alpine climate; prehistoric routes and mountain passes

Prof. Gert Goldenberg (Innsbruck), Mineralogist
Mineralogy of local ores

Dr. Thomas Reitmaier (Chur), Archaeologist
prehistoric alpine pasture; cultural heritage (Grisons)

Dr. Stefan Heuberger & Donat Fulda (Zurich), Geologists
Geology of the Oberhalbstein Valley

Dr. Rouven Turck (Zurich), Archaeologist
Prehistoric copper mining and smelting (features)

Leandra Reitmaier (Zurich), Archaeologist 
Prehistoric copper smelting; slag technology

Mirco Brunner (Bern), Archaeologist
Bronze Age settlements in the Alps

Field work

Excursions will be organized by St. Heuberger/D. Fulda for geology and by R. Turck for local archaeological features. Field work (survey and excavations) will be performed by Ph. Della Casa and M. Brunner