Educational excavations, excursions, and practical training

Studierende beim Dokumentieren auf dem Grabungsfeld.
Studierende beim Dokumentieren auf dem Grabungsfeld.

Educational excavations. The four sections carry out educational excavations and field surveys every year, usually during the summer semester holidays. Students can also apply to excavation projects carried out by archaeological institutions across the various cantons, other universities, or the École Suisse in Eretria (GR).

Wichtige Informationen werden schriftlich und skizzierend festgehalten.

Excursions. The four sections carry out both smaller and larger excursions every year to deepen and broaden students’ archaeological knowledge of various regions. The excursion destinations are usually determined in consultation with the students. 

Spezialwerkzeuge der Archäologie sind z.B. wie hier abgebildet: Spitzkelle, Schaufel, Pinsel, Abzieher, Bürste, womit die verdeckten Befunde freigelegt werden.
Typische Spezialwerkzeuge der Archäologie.

Practical training. Paid and unpaid internships alike are useful for building additional qualifications – these can be determining factors for gaining future employment. 

The department supports students in their search for suitable internships (e.g. with archaeological institutions located in various cantons). Students with the appropriate basic knowledge can also participate in one of the department’s research projects.